Salezjańska Szkoła Podstawowa im. św. Dominika Savio w Rumi

About us

We are a Catholic junior high school run by the Salesian Society. Our goal is to teach and educate according to the spirit and method of St John Bosco, which has proved effective over a hundred years now in many different places all over the world. Therefore our school provides not only a solid education but also spiritual support and guidance. Thanks to employing teaching methods based on love rather than punishment, a method known as the Salesian Preventive System, we make sure that students feel safe and can sail through the difficult period of adolescence with the assistance of the school staff.

Classes of up to 24 students make it a lot easier for us to create an atmosphere conducive to the integration between students and teachers. Although we excel in outstanding academic performance, we take great pride in the sense of community we have built over the years. It is best observed on various occasions when our alumni (570 altogether) come to visit us to share their experiences since leaving or because they feel nostalgic for their school years. The idea that has guided us since the beginning of the school is the creation of a climate of trust and cooperation in acquiring knowledge, discovering and developing talents as well as overcoming adversities. Thanks to all this, our students have the courage to get involved in challenging tasks, which in turn lead to fruitful co-operation with local prominent figures and institutions such as the University of Gdansk. 

Today the school community comprises 265 students and 40 teachers.

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